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YorkTest, gıda hassasiyetinin insan zihni ve bedeni üzerindeki etkileri konusunda klinik çalışmaları olan tek gıda intolerans testi markasıdır.

YorkTest 39 yılı aşkın geçmişinde çok sayıda klinik çalışmaya ev sahipliği yaparak ıgG bazlı gıda intolerans testinin eliminasyon diyetine etkisini, diyetin spor performansını nasıl etkilediğini, gıda intoleransı ile zihinsel sağlık, obezite, kilo kaybı ve migren arasındaki ilişkisini keşfetmiştir.

YorkTest'in Klinik Çalışmaları


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Sports Performance

Gut Microbiota, IgG-Guided Elimination Diet and Sports Performance

Our Scientific Director Dr Gill Hart published a paper on how diet plays a key role in an active person’s preparation, competition and recovery strategies. https://sbxe62pla7z2blpgz26yfeif-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Sports-Performance.pdf

Food Intolerance and IBS

Peer-reviewed & Published Paper January 2018

Read this new peer-reviewed published paper which provides information about the benefit of food-specific IgG-guided elimination diet for those with IBS. Written by our Scientific Director Dr Gill Hart. https://www.yorktest.com/uploads/pdfs/ibs-ijnf-white-paper-2018.pdf

IBS Clinical Trial

A clinical trial, published in the medical journal GUT, focused on diagnosed sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. https://www.yorktest.com/uploads/pdfs/ibs-clinical-trial-paper.pdf

Food Intolerance and Mental Health

Peer-reviewed Paper 2017

A peer-reviewed paper by our Scientific Director, Dr Gill Hart, which provides information about the evidence linking diet and gut health to mental health symptoms, and the role for an IgG-guided elimination diet. https://www.yorktest.com/uploads/pdfs/mental-health-white-paper-2017.pdf

Weight Loss

Obesity And Weight Loss White Paper September 2017

There are countless dietary programmes on the market, but none of them recognises the possibility that certain foods, even healthy ones like tomatoes or carrots, could be problematic if they trigger an immune system response in overweight individuals. Eliminating foods that are IgG-reactive, while replacing them with similar, non-reactive foods to ensure that nutrient deficiencies do not occur, is a relatively new concept for a diet. This new published paper examines the viability of a food-specific IgG guided elimination diet as a weight loss strategy. https://www.yorktest.com/uploads/pdfs/weight-loss-whitepaper-2017.pdf

YorkTest Survey

University of York Study

Survey of over 5000 people taking the yorktest food intolerance programme; commissioned by Allergy UK and feedback analysed by the University of York. https://www.yorktest.com/uploads/pdfs/5000_survey_hardman_and_hart.pdf

Migraine Research

Migraine Study 2005

A prospective audit looked at migraine sufferers to determine whether eliminating the foods highlighted in the result of a yorktest food-specific IgG antibody test could improve their condition. https://www.yorktest.com/uploads/pdfs/migraine-study-2005.pdf

Migraine Study 2011

Research from the University of York further supported the finding of the 2005 Migraine Audit. https://www.yorktest.com/uploads/pdfs/migraine-study-2011.pdf



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